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jasmine rae

textured play

a two day workshop by

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new york city

november 2-3

From course natural elements to grooved uneven pin-striping, I'm inspired by textures both naturally occurring and human-made. I rough up the sugar that covers my cakes every chance I get, surrendering to the inevitable cracks and tears from manipulation. I believe art should reveal the hand of the artist, and these imperfections expose the path of the artist's choices and movements. By learning some of my signature techniques (such as manipulating fondant to look like unpolished granite, crackling, course stone, aged stone, bas relief, tarnished metal, patina, etc.), you will play with ways to achieve different effects, then compose the samples into a final piece.

You'll identify what interests you in different parts of the samples you created, which is insight into your unique artistry. You'll make many nuanced design decisions in the process of composing a complete piece, while we discuss in a group setting. You'll create a small 3-tier cake that demonstrates your unique design choices and the style of your hand.


And, because I’m motivated to help make this industry sustainable for cake makers, my classes always include a little bit of business content to help along with pricing your work.

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